Video: Seth Godwin – The Tribes We Lead

Mass marketing is inefficient and being undercut by those who are getting better at targeting specified groups.. or tribes. The internet is allowing for this to occur with far greater efficiency and we can see it happening now.

To summarize Seth Godwin’s talk, when we have a great idea it begins with a story and the first step is to tell that story.  Through telling the story you can begin to connect people together who believe in the story. This common ground is the foundation for constructing a culture which can communicate who’s in and who’s out of this tribe. This simple process will solidify people’s membership and loyalty to the tribe.  From here you can begin to lead a movement.  Members cultivate their own tribes and if the movement is strong it will spread. As it spreads it will create change on a larger and larger scale.

This “idea” can be anything from a product to a fashion or style to a stance on a moral issue. Marketing tells the story and builds the culture, giving ideas traction, something for people to attach themselves to.


BONUS VIDEO: David Logan – Tribal Leadership

Supplements the first video pretty well. It’s not a talk focused on marketing, but a look at organizational development and behavior.


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